Our Team


Mr. Uttam Sitaula

Chief Executive Officer/Founder

Mr. Uttam Sitaula is the managing director (CEO) and the founder of SSE. For the past 22 years Mr. Uttam sitaula has been widely active in the betterment of renewable energy sector in Nepal. He represents solar community in FNCCI(Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry)and RETS as an executive member and is also a former president of SEMAN(Solar Electric Manufacturers Association Of Nepal) and current Vice president of RECoN(Renewable Energy Confederation of Nepal). His pronounced experience is vital to maintain smooth operation of SSE; to ultimately help reach our goal.


Mr. Rajesh Khadka

Management and Sales Director

Mr. Rajesh Khadka works as a management and sales director and plays a key role in solar power production and serving the clients. He works and involved in the technical aspects of the production of solar power. He also contributes making an important decision concerning solar energy systems and helps to develop the project budget and specifications.


Mr. Niranjan Shrestha

Sales & Design Engineer (Technical)

Niranjan Shrestha is an Electrical Engineer, who has been working as Sales and Design engineer at Sunshine Energy Pvt. Ltd., performing a site-specific engineering evaluation of energy sufficiency and solar projects involving residential, commercial or industrial customers. Also, He is involved in design of off grid and on grid Solar PV System, Solar Water Pumping System, Solar Home system and Solar Street Light Systems. Being in charge of development, design, test and manage the manufacture of electrical components used in our solar systems, He is also involved in the design of electric circuitry for inverters, solar panels, wiring systems, and other supporting devices.


Mr. Krishna Parajuli

Account officer

Krishna Parajuli is an accountant officer who spends many years contributing as a key role in the company accentuating activities. He works as an accounting manager who is responsible for the accounting activities including maintaining and reporting on both the cost and financial sets of accounts. He also established and enforces the accounting principles based on statutory requirements and auditing policy of the company.

Ms. Menu Sitaula

Finance Manager

Menu Sitaula works as the finance manager, holding all the responsibilities of handling all the financial transaction of our company.

Mr. Manoj Kumar Chaudhary

Site Engineer

Manoj Kumar Chaudhary works as a site engineer of our company who holds all the responsibilities regarding designing of solar water pumping system, street light system and visit for the site verification, preparing site verification reports.


Ms. Manisha Gurung

Sales Executive

Manisha Gurung works as our Sales Executive at Sunshine Energy Pvt. Ltd. whose responsibility is to get actively involved in digital marketing and sales of the company and preparing marketing materials. She is also involved in maintaining receipts, records, and withdrawals of the stockroom along with direct communication with the clients.
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